Onward to Italy!

It’s official, WE are staying. We will do four more days in Europe and spend those days in ROME!!!!! I’m so excited. If h ad a bucket list this would be checked off my bucket list. I still want to come back and see more of Italy, but I can now rest assure that if I died, I would have gotten to see a place I have yearned for. And I would be content knowing my stay did not end at Vienna- which lets be honest- is boring.

After we packed up or things we checked out (at 10am- the last possible moment) and headed toward the train station. Once we were able to negotiate tickets to Rome, we learned that we had quite a bit of time before our train would leave. It was currently 10:30am and our pear true wasn’t until 7:30pm. Yes, we would once agin be on the night train- oh the joy.

The plan was to head back to the hostel, ask if they w oil hold our packs during the day, and then we would head out and go see more of Vienna. The hostel agreed, and we were off. Because the train officials had been about and about checking people’s metro tickets, we decided to be honest and buy new ones. Up to this point we had be coasting around on our old ones we bought a day ago- so, we didn’t want the €100 fine that came from being caught.

Our trip through Vienna began at the cathedral. I’m happy to say that I now have pictures of that and you can now understand the “tie dye” colors I was turning to describe previously. I also took Chase and Morgan to the amazing Gelato place- so that they could appreciate it’s goodness, and I was blessed to have real Italian teresimu . It was delicious! But extremely rich, so I let Chase finish it.

Following that little side venture, we decided to kill our time just strolling through town, looking into the shops, and allowing ourselves to get completely lost. We though it would be fun to just not k now at all where you were (which is a feeling I have quite often here) and just see what you find- it was something I would do on weekends in NYC. It was a good idea, but we kept knowing where we were. We would walk a ways and then notice something or find a subway station and then be aware of how to get back to where we were staying. But, alas it killed time and made our stroll enjoyable. The shops we filled with fun things, and I’m proud to report that designer things are similar in price in both continents- so we aren’t missing any great deal here in Europe. But they don’t have Banana Republic, and that makes me sad. I’ve gotten to a point in life where I just rely on the Banana and it’s clearance rack. So, that would have to be resolved if I m over here. Just saying.

All of the wonderful smells coming from the food carts eventually led us to start looking for food of our own. Because Chase and Morgan had their cash stolen, our main means for food is going to the grocery store or finding a restaurant that will accept credit cards. Not a fun hunt when your hungry- and by now the deserts had worn off and we wanted food! Luckily we had arrived at a grocery store that sold sandwiches and such, so we divided getting what we wanted and crossed the street to have our lunch out in the lawn of the Vienna Opera House. Which is beautiful- just thought you should know.

Pigeons were everywhere. They flocked together and game in droves, if something disturbed them the mass of fluttering was borderline frightening. But, eh, what can you do? So, we ate lunch amount them shielding our heads from any “surprises.” It actually proved to be extremely enjoyable. The sun was shining, we sat on the lip of a beautifully fountain, and there was a slight breeze. But, with the pigeons running rampant you can only risk so much time among them. What do you do with free time? Surf the internet! Off to McDonalds…

This is the part of the day where we received a great revelation that made the rest of the day a bit though. When we logged online, Chase had received an email from the German train lines. They had recovered their passports and train tickets. They had just now decided to inform them- they had held them for a few days. I thought poor Chase was gonna cry. They have spent almost $1500 trying to get new passports, train travel, and detouring off of our couch surfing itinerary trying to figure this out. What makes it worse is that the Germans delayed in telling them they had recovered them. This could have been avoided – or at least made not as bad if they had told us YESTERDAY- then they would not have needed to spend the money on emergency passports. Well, now there was a damper on our day. And while we were in McDonalds the heavens had opened, clouds arrived from ow where, and it was using raining.

Lovely. As we prepared to go get wet, a mother and her daughter came up to us. They looked a bit frantic, but their question was, “do you speak English?” Finally someone asking US rather than us asking them -but, I digress. We replied in the affirmative, and they explained that the could no figure out the tram system. Well, we had I only been taking the metro, so we had no clue about the tram. But do we tell them that? No!! We must not allow for them to think we are weak and not as smart as we appear to be. So, we followed them over to the mapped placed them on what we perceived to be the right train. And even if it wasn’t, well it’s not like they are going to hunt us down and tell us. Think of it this way, we sent them on their own unique adventure.

The rest of our playing in the city was pretty much shot after we go the news from Germany. So we decided to return to he hostel, collect our things, and go wait for our train. It doesn’t help that we go tot he train station 3 house before it was scheduled to depart, but we figured we would sit in McDonalds and play on the Internet. Yeah, that Internet wasn’t working. So, I fell asleep in the chair I was sitting in, and everyone else read or did like wise. Ayer we rested a bit, we were able to “people watch” and enjoy ourselves a bit more and the time went faster. At 7pm we decided to head out to the train terminal and enjoy the evening waiting for our train. The sun had returned and it was warm. Very enjoyable.

The train we are on this time, while yes, it is another night train, isn’t like the other one we were on. This one has us placed in a Cain with 6 people, us three and three others, and it’s not as comfortable. Oh well. I also learned that you CANNOT change seats in this train because half way thought the trip during the night, the train will spilt. Half will go one way and half will go another. That’s exciting. Our other night train added trains throughout the journey, so I guess it’s only fitting we discover the other way it works.

As our train pulled out of the platform we could see a girl chasing it. Obviously this train wasn’t going to stop, it only comes once a day. And she missed it. I’m grateful that’s not us- as of yet (fingers crossed)- and I saw her mouth a four letter word. In this case, it’s fitting.

Our train ride this evening is 14 hours long! The estimated arrival time into Rome is 9:30 am- at which we will go to the Bed and Breakfast we are staying at, and see of they will hold our backpacks while we go explore before we are allowed to check in at 1pm. Should be fun. And if it isn’t, we’ll I’ll tell you all about it and you can sympathize with me. Let’s just hope it’s smooth.

In response to the question, “what will you do with the rest of your evening, ” I plan on waiting for the ticket person to come check my ticket, read a bit of my book, and wait for the sun to go down before I attempt the Dreadful act of trying to sleep. I’ll be tired tomorrow, I already know that, but I’ll be in the eternal city. ROME! it’s going to be wonderful….


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