New Beginnings…

New Beginnings...

This is Brock 2.0 – Better in all ways and ready to rock ‘n roll!

I hope that everyone enjoys this picture. For some reason i look at it and it just makes me feel empowered. It embodies all that i have become and all that i strive to be. If i were to define what i want to be i would use the words: self-reliant, astute, adventurous, athletic, open-minded, imaginative, upfront, old fashioned, honest, passionate, and un-relenting. The Aries in me is showing, but in all honesty turning 25 is the ending of one chapter to being another. We could label what i have ended “the growing years” and start the new chapter as “adventure!” But that is all figuratively speaking, life in its self is always some sort of adventure.

From graduation to deciding to work in Utah for one more year, the decisions and happenstance of my life seems to constantly surprise me.  I used to believe that going to NYC was my end all be all, and that if i did not make it there i would simply die. However, as we tend to discover in life, once i got there for the second time i learned that i had changed – i had become something new. So, for the moment NYC isn’t my final destination – it very well may be a definite stop along the way but it is not the ultimate final destination.

For those wondering just exactly i will be doing with my life, i have decided to spend another year here in Utah working for Fidelity investments and joining Pioneer Theater Company, a SLC based regional theater, in casting their upcoming productions. When i asked one of the casting directors i used to work for if i should return to NYC and peruse the route in life that everyone else traditionally follows, he simply smiled and said, ” Brock, you have never done anything like anyone else, why start now?” Such a great man to know me so well.

So, this next part of the blog is about my month in Europe. Enjoy and join me as i go to stand where all of the masters have been.


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Brock's Bites: Juicy Tidbits from The Big Apple! Join me as I chronicle my summer internship with Tara Rubin Casting. Stories from 40th and Broadway.
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One Response to New Beginnings…

  1. Laura H. Ehrenzeller says:

    You are simply awesome Brock!!!!! Love you!!!!!!

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