Learning from the Masters.

Let me begin this entry by expressing how lucky I am to be working with the most amazing people in the industry! When you look up the top 10 grossing shows of all time, Tara Rubin Casting cast 6 of them! Wow, to be able to watch them work and in many instances assist them and have them teach you how to do what they do is just truly a blessing. I look at each of them and see the potential of who I can become and their place in upholding the standards of excellence in American Theater. Wow. Just wow….

My lessons in casting this week came from attending the ECC (Equity Chorus Call) for the musical Jersey Boys. It was so exciting to be behind the table and watch everyone come in for the audition. It’s quite exhilarating to not only be sitting beside the casting director, but also be with the production supervisor and associate choreographer. For them this show is there life. Being over multiple companies and working to maintain the integrity of their production is their focus, and its apparent. They KNOW this show! As people came in it was like instantly they knew if these people could live this story line or not.

I want to be Merri Sugarman when I grow up! She is the casting director from our office who heads up Jersey Boys and her casting eye is jus sharp! The entire day she took me under her wing and led me through the process making sure I knew what we were looking for and how to discern between the various people. She also was impressed that the night before I had stayed up doing my research and knew about this show and its performance demands. It was so great!

There are a lot of things that my actor training has taught me. Such as how to make an resume for acting. However, what I learned yesterday and began to discover was how to decipher a resume. As we looked through people resumes I was taught what we were looking for and key indicators as how to know if someone could vocally take the demanding score that would be required of them. It was like game – a puzzle if you will – and  I loved it!

Something that was a bit heart breaking, was seeing someone who was generally a fantastically talented person, and they just did not belong in this show! It was crushing because I want to run up and hug them or follow them out of the room and let them know that they are insanely talented and to not let this discourage them from following their dreams. But, by the time you are done taking your notes and look up they are gone and then next person has replaced them. Oh well.

So many things in life have a set formula. You approach math with the same formulas, the prescription is the same regardless of the pharmacy, and anything else academic is set in the way it is. However, each show is a different beast. The way in which you go about casting one show, is not the same way you would about casting the next. There are so many factors at play. I cant begin to go into the details of all involved, but just know that when you cast, it takes dedication and your gut. You go with your gut instinct. ITS TRUE!! Your mind may say one thing, but you follow what you believe. Its life.

So what can I tell you about casting? Well, ask me for which show!!!!


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Brock's Bites: Juicy Tidbits from The Big Apple! Join me as I chronicle my summer internship with Tara Rubin Casting. Stories from 40th and Broadway.
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One Response to Learning from the Masters.

  1. Adam Meyers says:

    Wow, Brock. Awesomeness.

    I’m glad your learning so much. I’ve always been curious about what casting was really like. How long is this internship going for?

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